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Adventurer - The Island Chronicles

The evil dragon Stynnaferras has taken over the Kalesian archipelago, assisted by her nine children. The Kalesians came to Istandia in search of help. You're their only hope. Build up your character through combat and random events as you explore the Kalesian islands and defeat the evil forces that infest them.

  • 4 human and 14 monster classes with which to battle
  • 110 different items (swords, bows, amulets, armor, shields, etc.)
  • More than 90 original sound effects and audio tracks by Jaybot7
  • Random encounters (magic springs, item upgrades, traps, etc.)
  • Different boards every time you play
  • Earn experience, gold and items by slaying evil monsters
  • Unlock and play 10 monster classes, each with unique characteristics
  • Choose from Campaigns, Instant Action or the Combat Tutorial
  • Book of Legends for saving your high scores
  • Eight adventurer savegame slots
  • True-VGA-mode compatible
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5.0 - v1.1
  • Support for Square resolution screens (Treo, hw65xx, etc.) - v1.2

  • Pocket PC 2002 or newer device
  • QVGA (240x320), VGA (480x640) or Square (240x240) resolution screen
  • 3MB Storage and 4MB RAM

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    Development team
  • Design, Graphics and Programming by John Till
  • Music, Sound Effects and Character Sprites by Jason Surguine

    Adventurer: The Island Chronicles is an action-based role-playing game that has the elements of a good Pocket PC Game: it's fast-paced, simple, and can be played in long or short sessions. Your goal is to rid the Kalesian islands of the evil dragon Stynnaferras and her nine children. Along the way, you'll collect potions and treasure, and fight a variety of monsters as you become more powerful and defeat the dragon conqueror of each island. Combat is simple hit-and-run variety found in classic games like Archon and Telengard. Although the game doesn't involve a lot of strategy, its simple attack-and-move-on mentality makes it well-suited to the Pocket PC.
    Rating: A- Allen Gall, Games Editor, Pocket PC Magazine (Nov 2005 issue, page 33)