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Dr. Pocket

The goal in Dr. Pocket is to combat the viruses in the pill bottle by strategically placing the falling pills to create rows and columns of the same color. When you get four of the same color in a row, everything in the row explodes. Any unsupported pieces will collapse onto the viruses below (which can cause even more explosions, resulting in a much higher score). Extra points are awarded for destroying more than one virus at a time.

  • Four single-player game types: Marathon, Timed, Wrapped and Trapped
  • Three multi-player game types: Epidemic, Infection and Survival
  • Twenty levels and three speed settings
  • Choice of three or four colors of viruses to combat
  • High-quality music and sound effects by Jaybot7
  • High scores kept for each combination of play

  • Pocket PC 2002 or newer device
  • QVGA (240x320), VGA (480x640) or Square (240x240) resolution screen
  • 5MB Storage and 16MB RAM

    Development Team
  • Design, Graphics and Programming by John Till
  • Music and Sound Effects by Jason Surguine

    Updated Version Information
    Version 3.0 is a complete re-write of the original Dr. Pocket. The gameplay and visuals have been significantly improved. All of the music and sound effects are completely new. Lastly, you can now play multi-player games against opponents via the Pocket Adventures lobby.

    The latest version is free for anyone who's ever purchased Dr. Pocket.

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