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Setting up GPIO Controls using Retrogame

Install retrogame as described here.
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/adafruit/Raspberry-Pi-Installer-Scripts/master/retrogame.sh > retrogame.sh
sudo bash retrogame.sh
Once retrogame is installed, edit the /boot/retrogame.cfg file using:
sudo nano /boot/retrogame.cfg
And map the following GPIO controls:
UP        22  # Joypad up
DOWN       1  # Joypad down
LEFT      23  # Joypad left
RIGHT      0  # Joypad right
ENTER     12  # 'Start' button
LEFTSHIFT  5  # 'Select' button
LEFTCTRL  16  # 'A' button
LEFTALT    6  # 'B' button
Z         26  # 'X' button
X         19  # 'Y' button
A         21  # Left shoulder button
S         20  # Right shoulder button
D         14  # Left trigger button
F         15  # Right trigger button
Save the changes using Ctrl-X, Y, Enter.

The next time you start EmulationStation, open the Main Menu and select Configure Input.
Then map the controls as you would for any other controller.

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