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The Memory Collection
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The Memory Collection

Want to improve your memory? How about your logic and reasoning skills? Or perhaps you want to calculate math problems without a calculator? This collection can help, and you'll have fun at the same time.

 Match! - The classic tile-matching game (improves Memory and Concentration)
 Solve! - A "Lights Out"-type game (improves Logic and Reasoning)
 Repeat! - Duplicate the four-color, musical pattern (improves Memory Retention)
 Slide! - The classic "16" puzzle game (improves Puzzle-Solving Skills)
 Deduce! - Determine the colored sequence (improves Logic and Reasoning)
 Equate! - Solve math problems in your head (improves Memory and Math Skills)

  • Six different brain-building games
  • Three difficulty levels for each game
  • Always-enjoyable audio by Jaybot7
  • Five user profiles with statistics for each game
  • Customizable themes and pieces for each game
  • Top ten lists for each game
  • Automatic save and resume (Continue exactly where you left off)

  • Windows Mobile 2003 or newer device
  • QVGA, VGA and Square screens supported
  • 2MB Storage and 2MB RAM

    Development team
  • Design, Graphics and Programming by John Till
  • Music and Sound Effects by Jason Surguine

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