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18-Pin ILI9341 SPI Adapter

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The 18-Pin ILI9341 SPI Adapter is designed to make it easy to incorporate an SPI display into your Game Boy Zero. SPI displays are typically much more crisp than composite displays and are often cheaper since they don't require a large controller board, which also significantly reduces the amount of space they occupy.

Note that the 10-pin GPIO header is included, but does not come pre-soldered to the board. Also, the ribbon cable from the display will likely need to be padded in order to be thick enough to be held tightly in the connector. This can be accomplished by adding a couple layers of masking tape or a few layers of scotch/kapton tape. The tape should be positioned so that it sits at the top of the connector. (You could also remove the connector completely and solder directly to the PCB.)


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