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The Sudoku Collection

A masterful compilation of three variations of the number puzzle that has become a world-wide phenomenon... Sudoku!

  • Choice of 4x4 (easy), 9x9 (common), and 16x16 (advanced) puzzles
  • Three difficulty levels for each puzzle
  • Music and sound effects by Jason Surguine of Jaybot7
  • Multiple skins allow you to customize the appearance of each game
  • Unlimited puzzles for infinite replayability
  • Hints, Erase, Save/Load, Restart, Timer and Instant Check
  • Manual and Automatic pencil marks
  • Enter your own puzzles from magazines and newspapers using Edit Mode
  • Perfect for beginners, kids, casual players and Sudoku masters
  • A different downloadable puzzle every day - v1.1
  • Complete gameplay statistics (wins/losses/hints etc.) - v1.1
  • Support for Square resolution screens (Treo, hw65xx, etc.) - v1.2

  • Pocket PC 2002 or newer device
  • QVGA (240x320), VGA (480x640) or Square (240x240) resolution screen
  • 2.5MB Storage and 8MB RAM

    Development team
  • Design, Graphics and Programming by John Till
  • Music and Sound Effects by Jason Surguine
  • Additional Skins by Todd Underwood

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