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 Frequently Asked Questions

The Travel Collection doesn't run correctly on my Treo 700w.
If you're having problems running v1.8 on your Treo, please download the Treo-specific version here. After installation, the software should read "Treo v1.8" on the main menu screen, rather than just "v1.8".

When I try to start The Travel Collection, nothing happens.
There have been a few cases where this has been happening. Try the following:
1. If you have the YanCEyWare Reader installed, look here.
2. Otherwise, soft-reset your device and try again.
3. If it still doesn't start, delete the contents of the game's "data" directory.

How do I upgrade the software?
Go to the game's information page and click on the "Free Download" or "Trial Download" button. Then just re-install the software. (There's no need to uninstall first.)

How do I get a registration key?
You must purchase the software. Your registration key will be sent to you via email. If you want to look up your registration key online, you must visit the appropriate site based on how you purchased the software. For example, if you purchased the software using PayPal, you may retrieve your registration key by entering your login information here at the Pocket Adventures.com website. If you did not use PayPal, you must re-visit the appropriate site to obtain your key: (Handango, PocketGear, or Clickgamer*).
*The Pocket Adventures.com commerce engine is powered by Clickgamer.

What is Pocket Adventures.com's Privacy Policy?
If you purchase a title using PayPal, the only information of yours that we retain is your email address, password and registration keys, none of which will ever be made available to third parties. If you purchase a title through Handango, Clickgamer or PocketGear, your information is stored on their servers and is subject to their privacy policies.

If you need further assistance, please email: pocketadventures@earthlink.net