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The Travel Collection
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The Travel Collection

A masterful compilation of six classic board games:
  • Chess
  • Checkers (aka Draughts)
  • Reversi (aka Othello)
  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 4 In A Row (aka Connect 4)
  • Dots

  • Features
  • Five difficulty levels for each game
  • Outstanding graphics and audio by Jaybot7
  • Human vs Computer, Human vs Human and Computer vs Computer
  • Toggleable hints
  • Unlimited undo
  • Save/Load games
  • Fully skinnable boards and pieces
  • Individual user profiles - v1.1
  • Game statistics for each user - v1.1
  • Fantastic new graphics by Ryan Anspach - v1.2
  • Select the boards and pieces on the fly - v1.2
  • True-VGA compatible with improved fonts and AI - v1.3
  • Play against and chat with LAN/Internet opponents - v1.4
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5.0 - v1.5
  • New Pocket Adventures.com internet lobby - v1.6
  • 20% more battery-friendly with new battery meter - v1.7
  • Now supports the Palm Treo 700w - v1.8
  • Support for Square resolution screens (hw65xx, etc.) - v1.9
  • Support for devices up to Windows Mobile 6.5 - v2.0

  • Pocket PC 2003 SE or newer device (up to Windows Mobile 6.5)
  • 3MB Storage and 4MB RAM

  • More Screenshots


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    Development team
  • Design and Programming by John Till
  • Music and Sound Effects by Jason Surguine
  • Graphics by Ryan Anspach

    "Overall I was extremely impressed with The Travel Collection. This is an A-List Pocket PC title, it has everything, dynamite graphics, great value and a fabulous soundtrack. Hat's off to the crew over at Pocket Adventures. It really shows off the capabilities of the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile." - Roderick Pommier, --pocketnow.com   Read the Full Review
    "With the fantastic graphics, great sounds, ability to change skins, and the 5 profiles, I think you will find that the Travel Collection will eliminate your boredom. It just might take up some of your work time too. This game pack should be on everyone's buy list." - Randy Pinneta, --pocketmatrix.com   Read the Full Review